The book Health Care Centers on Epidemics, Accidents and Disasters was published


The health system is in charge of the health of the community and is one of the most important organizations involved in the management of epidemics, accidents and disasters, and the level and manner of its response has a direct impact on the rate of death and injury.
Capacity building is used as one of the response phase strategies when the demand for health services is beyond active sources and develops according to the type and severity of the incident.
The book of health care centers in epidemics, accidents and disasters with the aim of providing the requirements, standards and essential items in the establishment,

Change of use and operation of health care centers in disasters and epidemics has been prepared to be prepared in order to provide the necessary arrangements and

In response time with fast actions based on knowledge and experience, in order to provide optimal services in the event of disasters.

Arezoo Dehghani – Health in Disasters and Emergencies

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