World Child Safety Week

Incidents are one of the most important causes of child mortality in the world and in Iran. Epidemiological studies play an effective role in the prevention and control of pediatric accidents by identifying the causes of accidents and environmental factors affecting the occurrence of accidents.
Today, incidents in children are one of the leading causes of death. Iranian children, who make up 23.4% of the country’s total population
They are exposed to various accidents for various reasons and accidents are the most important reason for them to go to the emergency department. In Iran in children 14-1 years old; Accidents are responsible for about 16.6% of deaths and the three main causes of death and burns are drowning and traffic accidents.

On the occasion of World Child Safety Week, the disaster Radio Working Group for Children and Adolescents has prepared a special episode on the prevention of common incidents in children, which you can see below:


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